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CIAB is a unique solution that is designed for operators and main contractors to reduce not only rollout costs, but also reducing the time to on air, thus resulting in the faster generation of revenue.

How does CIAB achieve this? Quite simply, CIAB is a specially designed container which houses a site kit, comprising of all the components required for a cell site (excluding the BTS equipment).

The container itself is designed to be converted into the equipment room and generator housing.

This solution can be mounted onto pre-installed foundations, or via utilising non-ground penetrating foundations blocks, for even quicker installation. Depending on the installation technique applied, the site can be constructed in anything from 3 days to a week.

These site kits are packed in a controlled environment at the factory, hence, costly site logistics, warehousing and site construction management is removed. Instead, a production line environment utilising JIT management of all components means your ‘site’ leaves the factory complete, ready for installation, and is delivered directly to the desired location.

CIAB can come in a number of standard configurations; however, within reason, we are able to adjust to suit most specific requirements.

Typically a site kit will comprise of:

Steel Structure, Tower Paint, ACWL, Antenna Brackets, Outdoor Gantry, Earthing, Air-conditioning Units, Lights, Sockets, Electrical Cabling, Alarms, MDB, 19” Rack, Internal Cable Tray, Fire Extinguishers, Cable Entry Gland, Doors, Rain Cover, Vents, Anti-Static Floor Tiles, Feeder Cable, Cable Clamps, Feeder Earthing Kits, Generator, Fuel Tank, ATS, All Fixtures and Fittings.


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