Neonworx Communications - Repeat in a Box (RIAB)
Repeater in a Box


Working in much the same way as the Cell in a Box philosophy, the Repeater in the Box solution helps drive down the costs and timescales of network rollouts. The solution can be tailored to suit the exact needs of each customer, for example, by increasing the security of the site or by utilising solar power. By working with our customer, Neonworx will ensure that all equipment is delivered to site just when it is needed and at the quality our customers expect.

Typically a site kit will comprise of:

Steel Structure, Tower Paint, ACWL, Antenna Brackets, Outdoor Gantry, Earthing, Air-conditioning Units, Lights, Sockets, Electrical Cabling, Alarms, MDB, 19” Rack, Internal Cable Tray, Fire Extinguishers, Cable Entry Gland, Doors, Rain Cover, Vents, Anti-Static Floor Tiles, Feeder Cable, Cable Clamps, Feeder Earthing Kits, Generator, Fuel Tank,  ATS, All Fixtures and Fittings.


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