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Neonworx offers a new solution to minimize site costs, utilizing outdoor units. Our design is based on minimizing cost but also keeping the solution as simple as possible. When we looked at minimizing the cost, our focus was not only the tower but also that civil work to be kept to a minimum. The pad and column foundation volumes are very competitive, thus reducing the costs of the roll out.

For the various tower heights, the bottom panel stays the same for simplicity. Also, the top of the base will always remain the same with only the interface different.
We have placed the generators and fuel tank at the base of the tower (these can be raised up 0.5m or 1m to protect against flooding, if required). Due to the generator vibration, they are not mounted to the tower. The RBS and BBS are mounted on the platform above and the platform also offers room for expansion of the site as well. This also allows for refuelling access to the site but it is possible to lock access to the telecom equipment above.
 Standard version
For additional protection we can provide a security shelter. Indeed, this has the further advantage of enabling the delivery to site of the tower, fuel tank and security shelter, all in one sealed 20’ container.


 Security version


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